Water Wise – Landscape Services

There are many different aspects of landscaping when it comes to services that can are offered to give you the perfect lawn. Things to consider is landscape design, planting trees and shrubbery, lawn care, an irrigation system, and overall maintenance. Here is some insight into these different services that can provided:
Landscape design is the starting point of any type of outdoor scheme. This is the process of planning out every plant, tree, bush, and everything else that is involved with your lawn. Your landscaping company can offer different design plans that can be done all at once, in phases, or that can be done as needed. It is essential to properly plan everything out instead of just planting things blindly.Click this link here.
The basis of any landscape is the grass or sod you have installed. What sod involves is having sections of grass installed on your ground. You can also go the route of seeding the dirt to grow your grass in. The next step is to have plants, shrubbery, and trees installed. This service should be left up to the professionals, especially if transplanting is involved. Your landscaper can help to pick out the right plants for specific areas of your lawn, and will make sure there is a wide variety of shrubbery to give your lawn life year round.
The best way to keep your grass and plants healthy is to make sure everything is properly watered. This will usually take a full irrigation system and a proper drainage system. If the proper drainage isn’t installed throughout your lawn your grass and plants can be overloaded with water and die. Irrigation systems are complicated to install and you have to properly place each sprinkler head to get maximum coverage.
After you have your perfect landscape in order, now is time to consider the many different maintenance services that can be offered to you. You can schedule your normal lawn care such as weed care and having your grass cut. Another maintenance task is to have your bushes and shrubbery trimmed down so that they can grow consistently, and to prevent overgrowth.
The exterior of your home is directly affected by the appearance of your landscape. Having a full service come in and design your perfect lawn, and to upkeep it is very important to the value of your home as well as the appearance of your home. Feel free to contact your trusted lawn care company to go over your options of what you can have installed today.