What You Need To Know About Digital Integration?

AVI files are in fact a lot more complicated than they seem. Regarded by many as ‘the video file format’ the truth is, they’re not so much as a form of video as they are in fact a container. This video container format, invented by Microsoft in the early nineties has today become the most common type of video file around.

AVI files are essentially containers that start with a block of information, followed by a block of video or audio and ends with a special block that serves as the index of the file. Containing both video and audio – the audio / video block is encoded using various standards such as DIVX, XVID, MP3 and the likes. By clicking here we get info about  Leslie

The Audio Video Interleave (AVI) format is known as such because of the way it encodes video and audio in blocks next to each other. To make this possible, each block is prepended with a four character identifier that identifies the codec used. An example would be DIVX for DIV3 or DIV4 for DIVX encoded video, or RAW for uuencoded (raw) video, and 0055 for MP3 (Mpeg) audio.

AVI is the oldest container file format and it does have some shortcomings, such as the fact that unlike DVD format which supports chapters, menus and the likes – AVI doesn’t. The other major disadvantage of AVI files today is that the index chunk which is the second most important is at the end of the file, making previewing content as it downloads a somewhat painful affair.

However, nonetheless for a format that’s almost 20 years old, AVI files are still going strong. The fact that AVI is pretty much intertwined in windows and that it’s a relatively lightweight and portable format that’s also been adopted widely in media players, phones and the likes mean that it’s likely to be popular for some time yet. While competing formats offer more flexibility supporting the likes of VBR (variable bit rate) audio and more advanced formats such as OGG Vorbis, AVI offers a lot of flexibility.

Today, there are many successors such as Windows Media (WMA & WMV) which have been popularized by many organizations, but it’s the fact that AVI is so old that it remains still popular. This container format will most probably remain the standard for most standard definition content that is to be played on computers.

However, when looking at what are AVI files, the Internet has changed the way we use video a lot, as it used to be the case that streaming video was highly resource intensive. Thanks to high speed internet connections – AVI files are being used less and in their place is real time streaming media in the form FLV video and the likes.

The only drawback to streaming media is that it’s only viewable over the web. When it comes downloading content and saving it to disk, AVI is still the popular file format of choice due to the fact it’ll play back on just about any player that has the required codecs.

Tips To Choose Good Dave Auto Mechanic

Having your automobile break down is not an exciting experience but being unsure of where to take your automobile to get it fixed can be worse. Most folks have a regular doctor, dentist, vet, accountant, etc. and usually we have researched and picked them in advance just in case we get sick or need advice…so why don’t most folks have a reliable auto repair shop to go to? Automobiles are complicated systems, just like the human body… so it is vital to take your car in to an auto repair facility that you can rely on for regular maintenance. I’m an eternal optimist and generally assume that auto repair facilities are honest and that most mechanics generally try to help you by recommending services that will keep your vehicle running smoothly and ultimately saving you time and stress by avoiding some major repairs. Again, just like the human body, the better you take care of your vehicle, the better it will perform in the long run. I’ve put together a list of 6 tips that will help you find someone that you can trust to keep your automobile in good running order. Check out  Dave Davies

  1. Look For auto repair shops that display the ASE Certified logo. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence. Having an ASE designation is just about important as having the letters “MD.” after your doctor’s name. Now don’t get me wrong, there are decent mechanics who aren’t ASE certified, but generally it’s too risky unless they have been referred by someone you trust. Another important industry designation to look for is NAPA Auto Care.
  2. Ask Your Friends or Co-Workers Where They Take Their Vehicle. Word of mouth recommendations are worth their weight in gold.
  3. Shop for features and benefits of a shop. Just because a facility may charge a little more than others, might mean that they offer a longer warranty period, free emergency towing, courtesy shuttle service, or extended hours for convenience. Price is not always the best method of decision making.

  1. Find Out the Details of Their Warranty. Most car repair shops offer an in house 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor. Make sure you understand exactly what it covers and what it doesn’t cover. Don’t be afraid of asking questions, a reputable facility should have nothing to hide. Top repair facilities will have a nationwide warranty and an in house warranty that will cover more than just the 12 months/12,000 miles.
  2. Most Good Mechanics Keep Their Work Area Organized And Clean. Their work area, tools, floor, etc should be reasonably clean. Now Don’t Forget that the auto repair business is not generally a super clean industry, but it still should be picked up and organized.
  3. Research your Prospective Auto Repair Mechanic. You may find out that they have awards for years of customer satisfaction or many customer complaints. The local Better Business Bureau is a good source for this type of information. A short set of searches online will help you to find out quickly what positive and negatives your local auto repair mechanic is known for.

Researching ahead of time will help make sure that when you need a reliable auto repair facility, you won’t be taken advantage of. Finding a good mechanic can be difficult, but it is very important. A trustworthy auto repair shop will go out of their way to make sure you and your car are being well cared for. A little research on your part now will give you peace of mind down the road.

Water Wise – Landscape Services

There are many different aspects of landscaping when it comes to services that can are offered to give you the perfect lawn. Things to consider is landscape design, planting trees and shrubbery, lawn care, an irrigation system, and overall maintenance. Here is some insight into these different services that can provided:
Landscape design is the starting point of any type of outdoor scheme. This is the process of planning out every plant, tree, bush, and everything else that is involved with your lawn. Your landscaping company can offer different design plans that can be done all at once, in phases, or that can be done as needed. It is essential to properly plan everything out instead of just planting things blindly.Click this link here.
The basis of any landscape is the grass or sod you have installed. What sod involves is having sections of grass installed on your ground. You can also go the route of seeding the dirt to grow your grass in. The next step is to have plants, shrubbery, and trees installed. This service should be left up to the professionals, especially if transplanting is involved. Your landscaper can help to pick out the right plants for specific areas of your lawn, and will make sure there is a wide variety of shrubbery to give your lawn life year round.
The best way to keep your grass and plants healthy is to make sure everything is properly watered. This will usually take a full irrigation system and a proper drainage system. If the proper drainage isn’t installed throughout your lawn your grass and plants can be overloaded with water and die. Irrigation systems are complicated to install and you have to properly place each sprinkler head to get maximum coverage.
After you have your perfect landscape in order, now is time to consider the many different maintenance services that can be offered to you. You can schedule your normal lawn care such as weed care and having your grass cut. Another maintenance task is to have your bushes and shrubbery trimmed down so that they can grow consistently, and to prevent overgrowth.
The exterior of your home is directly affected by the appearance of your landscape. Having a full service come in and design your perfect lawn, and to upkeep it is very important to the value of your home as well as the appearance of your home. Feel free to contact your trusted lawn care company to go over your options of what you can have installed today.